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In December 2004, Ishin Hotels Group launched the b roppongi, a stylish hotel featuring its first private brand, the b, in cosmopolitan Roppongi, a major entertainment area in the heart of Tokyo. Since then, the b group has grown to nine hotels(in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe and Hakata) under its four b concepts: good “b”reakfast, comfortable “b”ed, “b”alance in your life, and ideal location for your “b”usiness requirements.

Hotel the b hakata | Comfortable “bed“

Beds you can sleep in peacefully. Our main focus is to offer you the highest quality of comfort possible. Indulge yourself in our contemporary and relaxed atmosphere.

Hotel the b hakata | Good “breakfast”

A healthy breakfast after a good night’s rest is essential for a well-balanced lifestyle. Enjoy breakfast made with local fresh ingredients grown in the Hakata area and other parts of Kyushu. Take a little more time to enjoy a good meal and start your day off the b way.

Hotel the b hakata | “balance“ in your life

The city of Hakata offers many different places to explore and enjoy. However, no matter where your plans may take you during the day, a comfortable room to unwind in will be waiting for you at the b.

Hotel the b hakata | Ideal location for your “business“

Fukuoka is the central city in Kyushu and has easy access to various types of transportation. Within Fukuoka, Hakata, is the core business area. Expand your business opportunities by basing yourself from this convenient location.

All the b hotels

the b brand boasts nine hotels located in well-known areas in Tokyo; Roppongi, Akasaka, Sangenjaya, Ochanomizu, Ikebukuro and Hachioji as well as in three major cities in Japan; Nagoya, Kobe and Hakata. All are conveniently located in the heart of the shopping and entertainment areas, with train or subway stations nearby.

hotel the b imnages the b roppongi the b akasaka the b sangenjaya the b ochanomizu the b ikebukuro the b hachioji the b nagoya the b kobe the b hakata

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