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In December 2004, Ishin Hotels Group launched the b roppongi, a stylish hotel featuring its first private brand, the b, in cosmopolitan Roppongi, a major entertainment area in the heart of Tokyo. Since then, the b group has grown to nine hotels(in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe and Hakata) under its four b concepts: good “b”reakfast, comfortable “b”ed, “b”alance in your life, and ideal location for your “b”usiness requirements.

Hotel the b nagoya | Comfortable “bed“

Our top priority is quality rest so naturally we designed beds to offer the ultimate in restful sleep. Indulge yourself in the pleasure of being surrounded by a chic ambiance and a modern decor.

Hotel the b nagoya | Good “breakfast”

Wake up in downtown Nagoya to a special morning. Having a good breakfast and feeling refreshed after a restful sleep is a must for a well-balanced day. How about waking up a little earlier than usual and taking time to enjoy breakfast? the b nagoya is there to help you start the day on a brighter note.

Hotel the b nagoya | “balance“ in your life

After a hectic day, balance out your stay by unwinding in one of our beautifully appointed guest rooms or take advantage of the numerous sights located just outside the b nagoya's doorstep.

Hotel the b nagoya | Ideal location for your “business“

A new generation international business hotel keenly alert to the business traveler's needs. The hotel offers a contemporary, functional and relaxed atmosphere located in the heart of Nagoya's entertainment capital. The hotel offers everything a business traveler would want and more.

All the b hotels

the b brand boasts nine hotels located in well-known areas in Tokyo; Roppongi, Akasaka, Sangenjaya, Ochanomizu, Ikebukuro and Hachioji as well as in three major cities in Japan; Nagoya, Kobe and Hakata. All are conveniently located in the heart of the shopping and entertainment areas, with train or subway stations nearby.

hotel the b imnages the b roppongi the b akasaka the b sangenjaya the b ochanomizu the b ikebukuro the b hachioji the b nagoya the b kobe the b hakata

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