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At "the b hotels," we implement COVID-19 prevention measures which prioritizes the health and safety of our guests and staff to ensure the safety of guests during their stays.
For this purpose, the following measures have been put in place.
We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

Public Space Initiatives

Public Space Initiatives

Installation of Alcohol Sanitizers

We have installed hand sanitizers at the front desk and various locations throughout the hotel. We continuously work on making the hotel environment more convenient for our guests.

Enhanced Cleaning/Disinfecting

We have increased the frequency of disinfection/sterilization of surfaces which many people come in contact with, such as the hotel's common spaces, guest room doorknobs, remote controllers, switches, water taps, and room keys.

Wearing Masks During
Customer Service

In the interest of public health as well as the health and safety of our guests, our staff will be wearing masks when serving you.

Droplets Infection Prevention
at the Front Desk

To prevent infections via droplet transmission, we have installed transparent plastic sheets and placed markers on the floor as a reference for guests to keep their distance from each other.
This is a part of our effort to ensure social distancing and prevent infections via droplets.

Avoiding the 3 Cs

We are preventing 3Cs in common areas such as the lobby, restauhrants, elevators, big public baths, and smoking rooms.
We are strictly limiting the number of people and the time they stay to secure sufficient distance between individuals.

Suspension of Buffet Style
Food and Drinks

We are providing menus for breakfast sets.
Guest tables have been sufficiently distanced and our staff will also ensure social distancing when serving you.

Staff Initiatives

Staff Initiatives

Establishing a Management System for Staff with Poor Health Conditions

We have adopted a code of conduct for our staff when they experience poor health conditions and introduced a system to manage our staff's health conditions.

Wearing Masks in the Back Office

We have distributed masks to our company group employees, and employees are obliged to wear a mask in the back office at all times.

Installation of Alcohol
Sanitizers in the Back Office

We have installed alcohol sanitizers in the back offices to ensure that employees disinfect their hands before entering the front offices and after using the washroom.

Requests to our guests

Please use alcohol-based hand sanitizer upon arrival at the hotel for your peace of mind while in the hotel.
*Guests who are allergic to alcohol shall be exempted from the above requirements.